Weclome vendors!  We look forward to having you join us for our premier exotic pet expo. Please read the rules page.  You will be required to follow all public and vendor rules. Parties that cannot follow these simple rules will be promptly asked to leave.

Please fill out a vendor registration and submit it along with your payment.  Checks and the registration can be mailed in or you can do everything right here online.  




Booth options for September show date:

     Standard - 1 8' table, 2 chairs, 2 badges = $95.00

     Corner -2 tables, 2 chairs, 2 badges = $150.00

     End Cap - 4 tables, 4 chairs, 3 badges = $250.00

     Island -6-8 tables, 4 chairs, 4 badges = $400.00


     6' Back table - $10 per table (limited to one per booth)

     Extra Badge = $10 per person  


Vendors will not be able to select their booths this show.  This is for the safety of the animals and vendors.  


 Vendor badges and table assignments will be handed out when you check in.  Only the number of people with badges purchased will be allowed to enter early and be behind the booth.  If you're bringing extra people they must have badges or purchase entry. Hotel discounts will be valid until 30 days prior to each show.


Set up will begin Friday afternoon prior to the show.  All vendors must be set up Friday or by 8:30 Saturday morning for the two day shows.  Set up will begin on saturday afternoon for the one day show.  Hotel discounts are good for Thursday - Sunday nights so you can be at the hotel in time for set up.  There is several restaurants are within walking distance of the hotel, a restaurant in the hotel, and a Starbucks shares the parking lot!


******* PACFA VENDORS ********** 

If you are PACFA certified please bring a copy of your certification to display at your booth.  PACFA will be present and has requested that anyone who is certified have a copy with them.  This apparently will be a requirement moving forward so please be prepared!


Out of State Vendors:  If you have a state licenced certification please bring a copy with to display.  This is not required but we would appriciate it.  If you have a USDA licence this is required!  Please bring a copy to display at your booth.


Important Information and Rules

Electricity is available for select booths at no charge.  If you don’t NEED electric please select a different booth!  The temperature will be kept around 80 for overnight shows.


All animals must be in good health, bug free, and able to pass a random vet check.


LEGAL animal sales only = you are responsible to know these for CO.  This includes hognose snakes and vine snake among others.


Animals must be properly and securely caged.


Vendors are responsible for knowing and following all state and federal laws

     PACFA licence is not required to sell animals at this show.


No venomous, illegal, or native animal sales allowed

No outside animals will be allowed in without a booth purchase.


Overnight security will be present

No breaking down/leaving prior to end of show.


No smoking of any kind inside the building is allowed

Food and drink will be available at the concessions inside the show, NO outside food or beverage is allowed per the hotel rules!

Please arrive early if you need time to set up!


We want this to be a friendly show and informational.  Please do not bad mouth other vendors!  If you don't have it and someone you know does please be helpful.  The spring show had great feed back from the vendors and public about how well everyone got along and helped each other, lets keep it up!




NO OUTSIDE COMPANY PROMOTION!!  The vendors who pay for a space get access to the public that shows up; not companies, people, or competitors that have not paid for access.  NO outside company flyers, coupons, or other promotional items may be distrubuted at the show or on the hotel grounds.


**Hedgehog and SugerGliders and other mammals**

Vendors bringing these animals must supply their USDA licence with their vendor registration and must have a copy of it present at the expo.


Colorado Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to COEPE vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

State of Colorado Information:

Colorado Exotic Pet Expo has a PACFA temporary animal dealership permit for the show to satisfy the PACFA requirements for the show.

Regulated Reptile Species:

Venomous reptiles and crocodilians (other than caimans) are prohibited.

Species native to Colorado may not be sold.  Animals wild-caught in Colorado may not be sold.

Turtles under 4″ in length may not be sold or displayed. (This requirement is strictly enforced in Colorado.)

Unregulated Reptile Species:

No permit or license is required to sell unregulated reptile species. Complete information regarding unregulated species is available on the Colorado Division of Wildlife website here:

Importation of Animals in to the State of Colorado:

Unregulated reptiles being transported into the state do not require a CVI or import permit. Many mammals, however, do require a CVI/importation permit to enter the state. Complete information on importation can be found on the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s website here:


Small mammals that are typical pet shop items (such as ferrets, guinea pigs, and rabbits) and pet rodents may be sold without special permitting, but more exotic mammals may require additional permits through the USDA.

Management reserves the right to change information, rules, and pricing as needed without notice.  All decisions by management are final.

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