Colorado Exotic Pet Expo
Colorado Exotic Pet Expo

Committed Vendors Attending

Vendors that will be attending are:


DNA Slithers and Critters - Feeder rodents, bearded dragons Booth C3/4

     On facebook @dnaslithersandcritter


Karmo Snakes - ball pythons and brazilian rainbow boas Booth F3

     On facebook @karmosnakes


House of Slithering - Boas, balls pythons, corn snakes  Booth B1

     On facebook @HouseOfSlithering


All About Fairies - Face painting By Concessions 


Reptile Chaos - Ball Pythons Booth C8 


Nature's Educators - Birds of Prey for Educational purposes Booth TBD 


Little Foot Rattery - Pet Rats, Dumbo and Fancy  Booth B4

     On facebook @LittleFootRattery


Scott's Gott's Snakes - Ball pythons, Milk, Boas, King Snakes Booth D2


Colorado Springs Birds by G - Large pet birds Booth D6

     On facebook @cosbbg 


J&M Kings  - King snakes, milk snakes, bull snake and gopher snakes Booth B6 


Bp2 Reptiles - ball pythons Booth C1

     On facebook @Bp2Reptiles


S AndS Serpents - Milk and corn snakes - Booth F2 

     On facebook @SAndSSerpents


Feeder Frenzy - Geckos, Axolotl, Lizards, Monitors, Tarantulas, and more Booth D1 

     On facebook @FeederFrenzy


WOW Balloons - Incredible balloon animal art By Concessions 

     On facebook @WOWBalloons 


State 38 Exotics - exotic supplies and exotic animals Booth B/C 5

     On facebook @State38Exotics


5280 Reptile Room - exotic supplies and exotic animals Booth D/E 5

     On facebook @5280ReptileRoom


Kaotic Exotics - All sizes of ball pythons and Bearded dragons Booth F1  

     On facebook @KaoticExotics


Rhaco Rehab - Crested geckos and Gargoyle geckos Booth D7  

     On facebook @rhacorehab


Top Line Constrictors - Boas and ball pythons Booth B7 


Ossuary Animalia - Taxidermy products Booth B8 

     On facebook @ossuary.animalia


Tierra de Morelia - Carpet Pythons Booth D4 

     On facebook @tdmorelia


Aurora Animal Hospital - New pet education Booth D3


Sam's Flying Frog Ranch - Dart Frogs Booth F6 


McDonald's Morphs - Ball pythons Booth A2


Eller Exotics - corn snakes, leopard geckos, and cave geckos Booth C6


Paramount Reptiles - colubrids, carpet pythons, geckos, and lizards Booth A1


Cayou - boas and pythons Booth B2 


DC Exotics - dart frogs, feeder insects, and related hard goods Booth C7 


Gecko Mojo - leopard and crested geckos Booth B3 


Elevation Exotics - ball pythons Booth A3 


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